Warped Ops and Airslplat present:


SEPT 24TH 2016


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The rise of corporate power has dissolved the former world nations. With energy as the most valuable commodity in existence, corporations have formed private armies to fight for control of energy distribution as well as intellectual properties. Traditional corporate espionage has escalated into direct engagements between corporations interests.

Two of the largest corporations, Eastern Corp. and Western Inc., are embroiled in direct conflict over the last remaining independent fuel cell production facility; Warped Energy Holdings. It is also rumored that the Warped Energy research and development branch is covertly creating security tech, but these rumors are unconfirmed.

In an attempt quell the corporate violence Warped Energy has ceased production of fuel cells, leaving the corporations near crippled without the energy needed to power their respective combat technologies.

Whoever controls the energy control the markets; Whoever controls the markets controls the globe!

Event Scenarios → →

Scenario 1: Power Grab

Both corporations have sent detachments to the remotely located Warped Energy facility to seize control of the existing fuel cell stockpile. Each Team must secure and transport fuel cell containers to their designated storage locations. These locations can be raided by enemy teams so a protection detail is advised. Each team will have until endex to obtain as many fuel cell containers as possible. At the endex the team in possession of the most fuel cells will gain access to a Scout Drone at the beginning of the next scenario, for their corporation.

Scenario 2: Executive Recruitment 

During the initial assault on the Warped Energy facility all personnel were evacuated. All personnel escaped unharmed with the exception of the Warped CEO and his AirSplat Security Contractors, who stayed behind to destroy sensitive documents and oversee the escape of Warped personnel. The CEO and AirSplat Contractors missed the last transport out of the area are are now forced to exit on foot. It is believed that the CEO is in possession of a control module linked to an experimental weaponized satellite. The CEO and his Security Contractors do not intend to let this module fall into corporate hands and the Contractors will engage both Eastern and Western personnel with extreme prejudice. Each team must eliminate the Contractors and capture the CEO. The team holding the CEO at endex will take possession of the control module for their corporation.

Scenario 3:Market Crash

Fighting and political instability in the region has led to a total Market Crash. Orders have come down from executives from BOTH sides. Corporate forces must fight to control the three Trading Floors. Controlling the Trading Floors aids in creating stability and will put an end to violence caused by The Crash. The team holding at least two of the three Trading Floors will maintain market dominance for their corporation. The Group holding the CEO at the end of the previous scenario will gain access to the weaponized satellite control module. The Satellite is capable of delivering targeted strikes to nearly any location on the field and has a significantly large kill radius from the point of impact.

Schedule of Events

08:00 – Gates Open
08:30 – Morning Orientation / Sign-in / Chrono
09:30 – Briefing and Deployment
10:00 – Scenario 1
11:00 – Reload
11:30 – Scenario 2
12:30 – Lunch Break
13:00 – Briefing and Deployment
13:30 – Scenario 3
15:00 – ENDEX
15:30 – Raffle


Team Uniform Requirements

WESTERN INC. TEAM: MUST wear Multicam or Desert/ Tan pattern uniform top and bottom. Gear, helmets, and accessories DO NOT have to be Multicam, Desert, or Tan. (Multicam, Multicam Arid, ATACS, ACU/ ABU and all other Desert or Tan uniforms are allowed; Multicam Black and Alpine ARE NOT ALLOWED)

EASTERN CORP TEAM: Any Woodland or Green/ Olive Drab based camouflage (i.e. M81 Woodland, Woodland MARPAT, AOR2, Multicam Tropic, Ranger Green, Olive Drab etc.). Gear, helmets, and accessories DO NOT have to be Woodland camouflage.

We strongly encourage all players to dress the part to further enhance the immersive experience of this operation!

Event Specific Rules

  1. All airsoft guns that ARE NOT classified as LMGs (e.g. M249, M60, M240, RPK, PKM, etc.) may not fire in full-auto. Only LMGs are allowed to fire in full auto during the event.
  2. ALL players MUST bring at least one long bandage to the event (e.g. Ace Bandages or cloth tape bandage), measuring at least 2”(in.) in width and 2’(ft.) in length. These bandages should be carried at all times while on the field, as they will be used to “medic” players throughout the game.
  3. ALL players UNDER the age of 18 MUST WEAR full face protection, whether it is a full face mask or combination of goggles and a lower face mask.
  4. Team Leaders should be given the same respect as the game referees, and their orders should be followed at all times to improve the balancing and gameplay of the event.
  5. ALL airsoft guns that ARE NOT bolt/ single action sniper rifles MUST fire below 400 FPS using 0.20g BBs. Our staff will be vigilant about chrono-ing every player’s gun, and will be using our own 0.20g BBs to ensure accuracy. PolarStars and other tank powered airsoft guns must be able to have a tournament lock fixed in place to prevent the velocity from being adjusted during gameplay. NO exceptions will be made to this rule, and no players will be allowed on the field with a gun that doesn’t pass chrono. To prevent any issues, check your gun’s FPS in advance, and (if possible) bring a backup airsoft gun just in case.
  6. There are NO magazine restrictions, however, due to the fact that most guns will be limited to semi-auto, we strongly encourage players using non-LMG airsoft guns to leave their box magazines at home. The box magazine will just make your rifle more heavy and noisy, so leave the box mags at home unless you have no other alternatives.
  7. Airsoft sniper rifles ARE ALLOWED at this event, however, they must be single shot BOLT ACTION with a MAXIMUM of 550 FPS (w/ 0.20g BBs). DMR style semi-automatic rifles firing OVER 400 FPS (w/ 0.20g BBs) WILL NOT be allowed.